Shivers is new innovative multifunctional vibration motor appliance for grooming, caring and massaging an animal. Shivers is unique, developed in Finland device, with worldwide patented design and technical solutions. With powerful vibration motors and tailored programs, Shivers have been noted to help animal to relax and feel better. Vibration as a motion have a long history for humans in relaxation and feeling better, but now this traditional massaging method can be used for animals in a unique way!

Functions of the appliance are based on powerful vibration motors, patented technical solutions and tailored programs working together to produce beat- and pulsating frequency vibration. This unique device is designed for horse grooming and muscle massaging for local and overall relaxing as well as for hair and body care in general. Shivers is suitable to be used on cats and dogs as well. 

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How to use shivers for horse?

Horse's structure and musculature is in the center of Shiver's shape and design. With Shiver you can groom and care every muscle and body part. Thanks to interchangeable massaging heads, device can also be used to care and groom hair and skin of the horse. With the help of specially designed hands-free belt and extra webbing belt Shivers can be attached to almost every part of horse's body. Shivers can be used for muscle relaxation and warming up locally before an exercise and for overall recovery after the exercise. Shivers is great therapeutic way to relax your horse anytime. 


How does it work?

  • The function of the device is based on powerful vibration motors and tailored programs (processor), which together produce beat- and pulsating frequency vibration. As a traditional vibration massagers, Shivers can be used as a access tool for massaging, relaxing and grooming an animal. Shivers is a smart device which has tailored software to make the grooming and massaging more effective.  

  • Power of the vibration motors can be adjusted between 5 levels.

  • The device is easy to start up and it can be set on pause mode by pressing one button.

  • Different grooming heads such as curry comp and nubs can be changed on the device.

  • The device body unit can be attached on the horse with tailored hands-free belt or with separate webbing belt.

  • The device has a rechargeable battery, so you can also use it outside on competitions.

  • Battery lasts up to 6 - 10 hours depending on power settings and usage of the device. Device can be recharged with micro-USB charger.


how to order?

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Shivers- Horse grooming set Inc. Shivers- device, 2 changeable heads, charger, hands-free belt, webbing belt, cover case and manual.

Shivers- Horse grooming set Inc. Shivers- device, 2 changeable heads, charger, hands-free belt, webbing belt, cover case and manual.

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The curvature shape of the device takes into consideration the structure and muscles of a horse body, so it can be used to care for every muscle and body part of a horse. Shivers unique design is patented internationally (design patent). Thanks to interchangeable grooming heads, the device can also be used to care for the hair and skin of a horse. 

You can use it to warm up a horse´s muscle before a performance and for recovery after a performance. The device has been noted to have a therapeutic and relaxing effect on a horse.

technical solutions are patented

  • Shivers unique curvature shape and design are patented internationally (design patent).

  • Shivers can be attached to a horse with a patented hands-free belt method.

  •  The function is based on vibration motors and programs that can produce a beat- and variable vibration.

  • Thanks to tailored programs and possibility to adjust the volume of the vibration motors power the device can be used for all kind of muscles relaxation, massaging, grooming and care.

technical data

  • Weight 356 grams , 204 mm long, 107 mm wide ja 98 mm thick.

  • Re-chargeable 2700 mAh Li-Po battery. Battery lasts 6 - 10 hours depending on usage settings. Battery can be re-charged with micro-USB charger.

  • Two powerful vibration motors, that can produce instantly up to 2.0 G's vibration force (vibration acceleration average is 0.2 - 0.6 G, depending on the volume control settings).

  • Easy to use and while using the device can be set on pause mode only by pressing a one button.

  • In addition to basic function, there are two different kinds of programs in the device to boost the effect of massage and grooming. Each program has a five volume levels.

  • Light weight and handheld. The handle is made of silicone material, so it is comfortable soft and elastic for user hand.

  • The device is splash-proof and can be easily cleaned with a moist cloth or soap and water.

  • Device has a 1 -year international warranty.








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